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sub- (also suc- before c; suf- before f; sug- before g; sup- before p; sur- before r; sus- before c, p, t) *prefix 1. at, to, or from a lower level or position: sub- alpine. >lower in rank or importance: sub-deacon. 2. somewhat; nearly, more or less: sub-Antarctic. 3. denoting subsequent or secondary action of the same kind: subdivision. 4. denoting support: subvention. 5. Chemistry in names of compounds containing a relatively small proportion of a component: sub- oxide. -origin from L. sub ‘under, close to’.
ob- (also oc- before c; of- before f; op- before p) *prefix forming words of mainly Latin origin meaning: 1. to, towards: obverse.  2. against; blocking: opponent.>concealment: occult. 3.finality or completeness: obsolete. 4.technical in a direction or manner contrary to the usual: obconical. -origin from L. ob ‘towards, against, in the way of’.
in-1 (also il- before l; im- before b, m, p; ir- before r) *prefix 1. (added to adjectives) not: infertile. 2. (added to nouns) without; a lack of: inappreciation. -origin from L.
in-2 (also il- before l; im- before b, m, p; ir- before r) *prefix in; into; towards; within: influx. -origin representing IN or the L. prep. in.
ab- (also abs-) prefix  away; from: eg. abdicate. -origin from L.
de- prefix 1. (forming verbs and their derivatives) down; away: eg. descend | deduct. completely: denude. 2. (added to verbs and their derivatives) denoting removal or reversal: eg. de-ice. 3. denoting formation from: eg. de-verbal. -origin from L. de ‘off, from’; sense 2 via OFr. des- from L. dis-.
com- (also co-, col-, con-, or cor-) prefix with; together; jointly; altogether: eg. combine. -origin from L. cum ‘with’.
ject ject ex re sub ob ab inter retro in ject ject ject ject ject ject de ject pro ject projection prefix base suffix definition latin base word Verb. to throw. to put or place
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